Beyblade Official Events

[London, UK - 23/8/14] Rising from the Ashes

[Image: Rising_from_the_Ashes.jpg]

Saturday, August 23 2014,

Regent’s Park – London, UK

It has been over a year since London last heard the sound of
metal clashing against metal in exhilarating battles. London used
to be at the forefront of beyblading, one of the hotspots alongside
New York, Montreal and many others. However, it is now a barren
wasteland, with no colour and with no cries of anguish nor cries of

The Beyspirit of talented bladers now lay in the ashes of a
once proud and glorious city.

Beyblading was officially

Earlier this summer a band of veterans, bladers like you and
I, decided it was time to bring London back to its former glory.
With the blessing of a Greek God, this group set off to accomplish
what others dared not to do.

With their Beyspirit surging high beyond our galaxy and with
the hope of others following their footsteps, we are certain London
shall begin
Rising from the Ashes and
start a new age.

Welcome to the first of many
events to come.

Welcome to a new era of London Beyblading.


The tournament itself will start at
12:00pm, so as a guide, aim
to arrive for
11:30am. The Tube and
public transport services are not very reliable, so plan your
journey well in advance.


Regent’s Park. We shall be at the Bandstand like ye olden


Here is a map of Regent’s Park. Head to the
area marked
Bandstand. We suggest
taking the London Underground or Bus to
Baker Street.

Tournament Format:

Standard MFB Format. We will be doing Block Round Robin,
seeing as we have a small participant pool. But hey, more battles,
more fun!


As usual, all participants must pay a £3 fee. We accept cash

If you have a valid Blader Passport, entry is free. Blader
Passports can be purchased on the day for £6 and last a whole year!
Absolute bargain!


Sorry, no physical prizes this time, but credits and Face
Boosters will be awarded!

Hosts and Judges:

This tournament is being hosted by
Manicben, somewhat of a
veteran and tournament host. I have chosen
Ultra and
Saisei (depending on
numbers) to be judges this time round, due to their support and
experience. If you have any queries, either here or on the day,
feel free to PM Manicben or talk to one of us on the day, we would
be happy to help!

Important Advice:

Despite being around friends and rivals, please remember we
are in a public park. Bad behaviour and swearing will not be
tolerated and will result in a ban from future events. Please keep
your personal belongings with you or in a safe place while at the
bandstand. If you see any personal items left around with no
apparent owner, please hand it in to a judge, so we can return it
to its rightful owner. Your cooperation is much appreciated.

Remember to turn up on time. If you arrive later than
12:10pm, your place will be forfeit and you will not be able to

Message from the Hosts:

Thank you everyone, especially
Poseidon, for helping out
with the Revival of the London Beyblading scene and I hope we make
a huge comeback as one of the WBO’s largest blading hotspots. As
I’m moving to London, tournaments will be hosted by myself (and
others most likely) a lot more often, meaning Beydays and other
events are guaranteed to take place. Expect another tournament
coming soon, especially if you cannot make it to this one!

Confirmed Attendees:











blade phoenix


Unconfirmed Attendees:


Balance Blader



Hell Kid


[Scotrun, PA, USA] 10/11/14 UltimateOrion’s Birthday

Birthday Bash!

Venue:Great Wolf Lodge


Address:1 Great Wolf Dr,
Scotrun, PA 18355

Format:Zero G/Plastics


2:00 Registration And Free Play

2:45 Official Tournament Start

Like all official WBO tournaments, there will be a $5
entrance fee if you don’t have a Blader’s Passport. You can buy one
at the tournament for $10. As you know it allows you to enter any
tournament for the next year without paying the fee, as well as
giving you the chance to participate in whatever contests or
giveaways the WBO may offer

Please, PLEASE, PLEASE keep a hold on each and every part you
own. We’d like to avoid thefts of all types, from Beyblades to game
systems and laptops. Keep all your personal belongings close to
your person at all times; do not leave them hanging around, as they
are YOUR responsibility, and the tournament staff cannot be held
liable for thefts.

Confirmed Attendees

  1. UltimateOrion
  2. UltimateCrown
  3. Dum Spiro Pugno
  4. BlackShades
  5. PegasisGirl
  6. dragonemperor16
  7. dragonemperor16′s 2 brothers(don’t have accounts yet)
  8. iVtechboyinpa
  9. Dum Spiro Pungo’s sister(doesn’t have an account yet)
  10. Pegasus Of NJ

Possible Attendees:

  1. Dum Spiro Pugno’s Sister
  2. UltimatePegasus
  3. hres1440
  4. LordRager’s 2 friends(don’t have accounts yet)
  5. boostbomb

8/22/14 (Berlin, CT) Guardians of the Galaxy (Pegasus)

Well, if figure I’ll try to get one more tournament in before
summer ends. Why not base it on one of the summer’s best movies?

Name: Guardians of the Galaxy (Pegasus)

Date: August 22, 2014

Venue: Berlin Community Center- 234 Kensington Rd, Berlin, CT

Format: Round Robin or Block Round Robin, depending on
turnout, Standard and Limited

Time: 9:00-9:25 registration, 9:30-12:00 Tournament Play

Prizes: TBD










Unregistered Member

Unregistered Member




BullChamp’s Brother

Please remember to arrive within the designated Registration
period, as if anyone arrives afterwards or after the brackets have
been made, you will not be allowed to play.

[Toronto, Ontario, 8/24/14] End of the Era!

End of the Era!

Sunday, August 24, 2014 12 P.M
@Dufferin Grove Park

Limited Format Tournament!

Hey guys, as you all know, I am
soon to end my beyblade career and move on. The worldbeyblade
organization has been a good help to me through these past few
years and it is a great pleasure being apart of the WBO. In the
meantime I would like to end it off with a fun time with my
birthday also coming up, here comes an End of an Era!

Location: Dufferin Grove Park

Time and Date: 8/24/14, 12 P.M (note I will be here at 11

Note: I will not be playing in this tournament but just
judging, also below the attendees and possible list are some things
I am selling at the tournament. Please PM me if you are interested
in buying them.
















Parts, Beyblades, Plastics, Gear
for Sale!

$15 – Drigger F (Plastics)

$10 – Thief Zirago WA130HF

$2 – Ifraid (Used Metal)

$3 – Dragooon (Metal Used)

$5 – Grip Rubber

PM me if you want to make a price I am all ears to changing
the prices, and its first come, first serve on the sales

[09/06/2014] [Simsbury, CT] – Beat the Bey-damned Heat,

Name: Beat the
Bey-damned Heat

Venue: Valley Lodge No: 36,
991 Hopmeadow St, Simsbury, CT 06070

Date: Saturday, September
6th, 2014

Time: 1pm – 5pm -
Registration will be open from 1pm – 1:30pm

Format: Zero-G

Fees: $5. Free for Passport

[Image: ValleyLodge.png]

If you are under 16, it is
mandatory for a parent to stay with you at this event!

I cannot stress this enough. You will not be allowed to
play otherwise. You must also have a ride available to you

at all times

in case they event ends early.

The summer was really hot. School has started again.

Time to take some time to cool off, and enjoy one last rip
before the grind kicks into full gear! Come join us at the Valley
Lodge in Simsbury for some good ol’ Zero-G action. That’s right. No
banned parts, just wobbly Beyblade excitement!

Also, don’t forget to add yourself
to the BeyMap! CT needs representation!

Please don’t put your full
address. Just city/state.

Additional Event Guidelines

  • No one under the age of 16 may judge a tournament battle. This
    is for liability reasons.
  • Tournament details may be changed/removed without notice.
  • By attending a CT Beyblade event, you grant us the right to
    take photos/video and use them for promotional materials. Special
    consideration will be given if brought to my attention ahead of
  • A Judge’s calls are final. Please do not argue or carry on
    about a call you disagree with.
  • We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Do
    not touch the laptop used
    for scoring. You will find out your ranking at the end of the
  • There is a ZERO-TOLERANCE policy for bullying. Any participant
    caught bullying another will be disqualified, and will be forced to
    forfeit the rest of their matches.
  • Tournaments begin
    promptly after
    registration. If you arrive after the first battle of the
    tournament takes place, you cannot be added into the brackets and












Bubblegum Bey



The Return of Zero G!!! Raleigh Nc (USA) 8/16/14

Returns of Zero G!!!



Address: Pleasant Valley
Promenade, 6260 Glenwood Ave, Suite 109, Raleigh, NC

Date: 8/16/2014

Format: Zero G & Maybe
Limited or Plastics???

Style: Round Robin


1. Dark_Mousy

2. StormScorpio1

3. Ritsuka

4. Blader Hope

5. Thunder Dome

6. Stupaoz

7. BladerLight


1. Defstamina88

2. Samurai Tite

3. Pyro-Shotty

4. BloodBlader2001

[Toronto, Ontario, 9/27/14] BEY OR DIE: WBO’s First Team
Format Tournament!

[Image: ErMrCcR.png]


Unplugged Expo
– Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Chestnut Conference Centre – ELM Room

Register Now


10:00 AM: Free Battle & Set Up

11:00 AM – 12:00PM: Registration for BEY OR DIE

12:30 PM: BEY OR DIE

The WBO is proud to announce that we will be partnering with
Unplugged Expo
to host BEY OR DIE! What is going to make this event
unique, though? BEY OR DIE will be hosted under the Standard
Format, but with an exciting twist … Teams! This event will act
as a pilot for the first ever WBO Team Format (Standard) event! For
more details on how this format works, see below.


Unplugged Expo is being held at the Chestnut Conference
Centre in downtown Toronto:

[Image: 2WILjAA.jpg]

[Image: VqZwnoN.jpg]

Located at University and Dundas in Toronto, the Chestnut
Conference Centre is located directly behind City Hall.
Conveniently located only steps away from St. Patrick Station and a
block away from Dundas Station.

Downtown Toronto -

89 Chestnut St, Toronto,

ON M5G 1R1

Entry: You must register on the
Unplugged Expo website!

Blader Passport is not required for this
tournament. However, you will need to purchase a weekend pass to
gain entry into the convention itself.
You can pre-register for Unplugged
Expo until September 8th for $25.00
. Passes will be $35 at the door.

If you want to support the WBO so we can host even better
tournaments with even better prizes in the future, you can also
purchase a Blader Passport at the tournament, but as was stated
before, it is not mandatory for this tournament.

How will the Team Format

Teams of 3

In this new experimental format variant, Bladers will begin
by registering in teams of three.

  • When registering, teams must provide a team name that will be
    used to create a Team Account on the WBO.
  • Team Accounts may be used in the future for a potential
    separate Team Ranking in the BeyPoints System.
  • Team Accounts can only be created by attending a Team Format
    tournament and registering with your team. They will have a special
    “Team” user group applied to them to set them apart from regular
    Do not attempt to make Team
    Accounts outside of tournaments or you will be warned; the “Team”
    user group can only be applied by Committee Members anyways.

Team Captains

  • Each team must designate one member as the “Captain”.
  • Captains have the right to remove members from their team in
    order to recruit new ones at any time, except during a
  • Captains can only join one team,
    for life
    . So, think carefully before you decide to form your
    own team; in many ways you have more freedom as a regular team
    member. This is important to prevent the possibility of a team of
    three slowly removing/adding members and then one day ending up
    with three entirely different members. This way, three new members
    can’t take over a highly ranked team as their own. There is always
    a link back to the ‘soul’ of the team if the Captain remains.
  • Should a Captain choose to dissolve a team, their ranking will
    be nullified entirely and the team will cease to exist. One
    exception that will be made is if a Captain chooses to retire from
    Beyblade. In this case, he or she can pass on the leadership to
    another member, but only if the team has 50+ Team BeyBattle wins at
    that point in time.

Which WBO Organized Play Formats can
be used?

Depending on the amount of teams who register, the tournament
will be hosted in either a Round Robin or Double Elimination

  • 3-4 Teams: Round Robin
  • 5-9 Teams: Double Elimination
  • 9+ Teams: Single Elimination

And the Team Format can be played using any regular WBO
Organized Play Format: Standard, Zero-G, Limited, Plastics, or HMS.

”Team BeyBattles”

The Team Format introduces a new concept known as the “Team

  • Each “Team BeyBattle” will consist of three regular best 3 out
    of 5 BeyBattles.
  • The team with the most
    round wins (which means a
    maximum of 9 ‘points’ for a team if they won all three BeyBattles
    3-0) will be the victor of that particular round. This means that
    two strong Bladers won’t necessarily be able to carry one weak
    Blader on their team.
  • Each Blader will play one BeyBattle against one of the opposing
    three team members. This means that Bladers cannot play more than
    one BeyBattle per Team BeyBattle, except in the case of a tie
    (explained below).

For example:

Team A: Kei, Blader DJ, The Boss

Team B: Kai-V, rooneyt, bugturtles

Kei vs. bugturtles – Kei Wins 3-2

Blader DJ vs. Kai-V – Blader DJ Wins 3-0

The Boss vs. rooneyt – rooneyt Wins 3-1

Final Score: 7-5
Team A

Before each BeyBattle begins, teams will have a brief period
to decide who is playing that particular round. When both teams
confirm they are ready, the judge will ask for both Bladers to step
forward to the Beystadium. If at that point a player from one team
does not advance in an effort to see who they will be playing
against, an automatic BeyBattle loss will be issued to the
offending team.

What happens in the case of a

Here’s another example:

Team A: Beholder, Uwik, Khel

Team B: SK, Alice, Bey Brad

Beholder vs. Bey Brad – Beholder Wins 3-2

Uwik vs. Alice – Uwik Wins 3-1

SK vs. Khel – SK Wins 3-0

Final Score: 6-6

In this case, one final BeyBattle will be played to determine
the winner. However, the
opposing teams will select
the member that represents their opponent in the tiebreak. Each
team will select a member, the Captains will notify the judge
privately, and then the judge will announce the match up.

Team Size: Unlimited!

Teams must play in groups of three during Team Format
tournaments, but this doesn’t mean that teams are limited to three

  • Teams are unlimited in size, but can have only
    one Captain.
  • Teams can be represented
    anywhere globally. For
    example: Team Kai-V can play in an event in the UK against Team
    Blitz, with members who have been approved by Team Captain
  • Teams may only participate in one Team Format event per month.
    This means that Team Kai-V cannot play in an event in both Montreal
    and the UK on the same week, for example.
  • If the Team Captain is not present to participate in a given
    tournament, a “provisional Captain” must be designated for that
    tournament to represent his/her team.
  • If new team members are representing a pre-existing team in a
    tournament, they must ask the Team Captain to PM the host to inform
    them that they have been approved to join their team and represent

”But I don’t have a team!”

Don’t worry! If you plan on attending a Team Format
tournament but do not have a team, simply register yourself and we
will find team member(s) for you from other players who have
registered by themselves, or as groups of two.

Additionally, don’t forget that we also have a
! You can try looking for team members there.

Team Format and the BeyPoint

All individual BeyBattles played within the Team Format
will be processed within
the BeyPoint System as any BeyBattle in a normal tournament would

Team Format and Faces/Credits

Winning team members of Team Format tournaments will receive
the brand new
Triple Crown Face
[Image: TripleCrown-Face.png]! All three team
members who participated in a specific Team Format tournament will
receive the Face.

Winning team members will also receive +2 Credits for winning
the tournament, in addition to participation and majority win

If you think you’ll be able to make it out to BEY OR DIE,
please post here and I will start building an attendance list!














[Raleigh, NC, USA] – 8/30/2014 – Super Yolo Swag Tournament
of Doom!


Super Yolo Swag Tournament of


Date, Place, and Time Wrote:

Durant Park – 8305 Camp Durant
Road, Raleigh, NC, 27614 – August 30th, 2014 – 12:00 P.M.

Standard Format/Zero-G

Hey guys! Who’s ready for another tournament?

I’d just like to request that attendees confirm only for the
formats they will be playing in, as we’ve had trouble before with
confirmed attendees leaving before a second format begins on
occasions when we’re holding multiple events, and the result was a
lack of attendance and the event was canceled.

What’s the difference between each format, you ask? Well,
this thread for information on Standard format,
this thread for information on Zero-G format.

Also, remember, if you confirm, you
must come and play! Don’t
confirm if you won’t be there for sure!

Durant Nature Park is located off of Durant Rd about half way
between Capital Blvd (North of I-540) and Falls of Neuse Rd. From
the parking lot, you will walk down a short gravel trail towards
the lake (follow Playground/Restroom/Picnic Area signs). We will
try to get the “Sweetgum Shelter”, but if it is already taken just
check the other nearby tables. The park is family and pet friendly,
with nearby trails, fields, restrooms, and a playground. There is
no electrical access, though, so be sure all devices are fully

We expect to be done with both formats by around 5:00 P.M.
(unless we get 12 + people, in which case we could easily be done
by as soon as 3:00 – 3:30 P.M.).

Judges will be myself, Thunder Dome, and anyone else
certified who’d like to volunteer!

ATTENTION: This is of the
utmost importance. If you do not own a Blader Passport, you must
pay a mandatory 5 dollar entrance fee (or you can purchase a
passport, details
here) to enter this tournament. If you don’t
pay, you can’t play.

Standard Format

STD Attendance List Wrote:

Confirmed Attendees



Blader Light

Thunder Dome

Blader Hope


Unconfirmed Attendees

samurai Tite




Blaze Wheeler

Zero-G Format

LTD Attendance List Wrote:

Confirmed Attendees



Blader Light

Thunder Dome

Blader Hope


Unconfirmed Attendees

samurai Tite



Blaze Wheeler

Happy blading guys! Don’t forget to bring your friends. We
want as many people as possible!


[Toronto, Ontario, August 10th, 2014]- THIRST FOR BEYS and
Plastics Resurrection!

[Image: Be_Funky_wooot_wo_png.png]

[Image: edKKWQj.png]

Sunday, August 10th, 12PM

High Park – Toronto, Ontario,

Zero-G and Plastics

August, a month of absolute heat. Bottles of water,
plastic bottles of water
everywhere. Can’t get the thought of thirst out of your head? Have
you been lurking around the World Beyblade Organization a bit too
like some people, hoping to go to yet another
awesome tournament in Toronto? Well, the time has come, everyone.
Open the doors, and embrace the fact that the wait is almost over!
On August 10th, both ~Midnight~ and I will be co-hosting a double
header tournament featuring both Zero-G and Plastics format! We’re
hoping to see a lot of Toronto bladers out there on August 10th!
Assuming we have enough attendees, this will be an official WBO
tournament, so make sure to get your

Blader Passport
for $10 if you haven’t done so already! Or, simply pay $5
(per tournament) if you plan attending these events.


We’ll be playing in the shelter where we usually play. If
you’re coming to High Park via the Bloor entrance, just follow that
road down on the right side and you’ll see the large
building/shelter on the left hand side before you reach the tennis
courts. In case you guys haven’t been to our regular tournaments,
here are some visual directions.


(Click to View)

Both Zero-G and Plastics Format. Depending on the number of
users we have show up to these events, we will most likely do Block
Round Robin.

”But I don’t own any Plastic

Don’t worry, no fear! Kei will let users borrow his Plastic
Beyblades. ~Midnight~ would lend out his Plastic prize for users
who don’t own any Plastics from
HMS’ NOT DEAD 3, as well.

Tournament Times:
Zero-G Format starts at 12:00 PM, however, please try your
best to be there at least 30 minutes earlier for registration and
free play. The Plastics event starts at 3:00 PM.

Will be determined at the tournament

Side Note:
We’d advise users to please,
please look after your
stuff. While yes this is a Beyblade tournament and We’re not
suggesting that any of us would attempt to take each other’s stuff
it is still happening at a public venue where other people (who may
not be so friendly) are going to be present as well. Of course, if
you see a personal belonging lying around bring it up any of the
judges so we can return it to the right person. Your co-operation
is appreciated!

All questions for this tournament may be asked in this

We’re keeping Toronto’s bey-spirit alive, your support thus
far is appreciated! Let’s keep this up guys! If you wish to attend
please post below, I’ll start gathering an attendance list.

Confirmed for Zero-G:










-Yoshikid2414 #2



Possible for Zero-G


-DSiks’ friend


Confirmed for Plastics








-DSiks’ friend




-Yoshikid2414 #2



Possible for Plastics


[New York, NY, USA]8/24/14-NYC Beyblade Revival:NYCBR

Hey bladers! There has been a lack of attendees in some of
the NY tournaments lately.We’re shooting for the goal of 27
participants! We are going to be giving away prizes to the blader
who brings the most people to this event.

Name:NYC Beyblade

Venue:Central Park South in
Heckscher Playground(Same place as Ethan H and Ocean’s tournament)

Surface:Fake Grass

Directions:To get to
Central Park south, you can take the R, N or Q train and get off at
Fifth avenue and 59th street. Also, you can take the ABCD1 trains
to 59th st. Columbus Circle

or HMS (if time)



11:00 Registration And Free Play

11:45 Official Tournament Start

Like all official WBO tournaments, there will be a $5
entrance fee if you don’t have a Blader’s Passport. You can buy one
at the tournament for $10. As you know it allows you to enter any
tournament for the next year without paying the fee, as well as
giving you the chance to participate in whatever contests or
giveaways the WBO may offer. If Anybody Could Bring a stadium that
would be great.If you have a BB-10 and wish to lend it for the
tournament, it will be very much appreciated. The more BB10 Attack
Type Beystadium’s the better. Please mark which is yours to avoid
thefts and misplacements. We’d like to avoid thefts of all types,
from Beyblades to game systems and laptops. Keep all your personal
belongings close to your person at all times; do not leave them
hanging around, as they are YOUR responsibility, and we, the
tournament staff, cannot be held liable for thefts.There are
concession stands located around the playground, but I recommend
that you bring your own refreshments to save a bit from the
overpriced drinks and food. There are restaurants located around
Central Park after your time at the tournament is over. Please try
not to be late. If anyone is caught stealing/intentionally
destroying property, they will be asked to leave the tournament.
Anyone caught stealing will be permanently banned from the World
Beyblade Organization. If you notice you might be a little late
please let me know. I will wait the most 10-15 minutes for you to
arrive. If you are not familiar with Limited Format, please take
the time to read through this thread:

MFB: Limited :: Primer, Random Thoughts, and Q&A Thread!…Q-A-Thread

And for the up to date ban list for Limited Format, please
check this thread:…Discussion

Confirmed Standard Format

  1. UltimateOrion
  2. *Twix*
  3. Pegasus Of NJ
  4. Leone7
  5. Ethan H
  7. SAKYO SAKIB’s brother(no account yet)
  8. lawesomeness
  9. Joshil100
  10. DiabloOrion9999(Probably)
  11. jdiddy
  12. jboss25
  13. Kam20
  14. kaymight9

Possible Standard Format

  1. maskman101
  2. SamD.
  3. Beyblader2328


  1. Confirmed Limited Format

    1. UltimateOrion
    2. *Twix*
    3. Pegasus Of NJ
    4. Leone7
    5. Ethan H
    7. SAKYO SAKIB’s brother(no account yet)
    8. lawesomeness
    9. Joshil100
    10. DiabloOrion9999(Probably)
    11. jdiddy
    12. jboss25
    13. Kam20
    14. kaymight9

    Possible Limited Format

  2. maskman101
  3. SamD.
  4. Beyblader2328

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